Toshiba A70 - S256 Repair
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Thread: Toshiba A70 - S256 Repair

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    Toshiba A70 - S256 Repair

    Anyone know how to remove the cover of a Toshiba A70-S256 laptop? Obviously, Toshiba does not wish for me to be able to fix my computer, because they publish no manuals for their products. I am unable to remove the cover and was wondering if anyone knows of any manuals or could give me some instructions on how to open this thing?


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    With a laptop you generally begin with removing the battery and the cdrom, then remove all bottom screws and unclip the box.
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    i know my laptop will probably be totaly different but to remove mine what i do is....

    1. take out the battery & DVD Rom
    2. Take out the HDD
    3. take out 2 screws on the bottom and put my hand in the cd rom slot and push the keyboard up, the keyboard then pops out and i have a full view of my motherboard.
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