Well i ordered it lastnight at 8PM and good old ebuyer had it here at 12PM today (from England to Scotland over night isnt bad)

so first thing i done was try overclocking, i got it from 500/1GHz to 550/1.15GHz

the ram does 1.17GHz but gets to hot for my liking and the core gets very very hot at stock speeds thanks to a poorly finished HSF so its getting lapped and some decent thermal paste on it soon.

i managed to get 3401 in 3dmark 2005 which is not bad considering im only running 512MB of ram for a couple of days (mates machines down and needs it untill he gets a replacement) and also my CPU is a bit of a bottle neck as overclocking didnt make too much difference.

im soo happy, got to take my hat of to XFX they included:

1.a very very good user manual and install guide (ok us guys dont need them but for first timers)
2. a driver disk with latest Nvidia drivers

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