i have an abit bh6 mb, and i just installed the velocity 4400 with the factory driver cd. I went to www.stb.com to get the new drivers, but it says the following:

Windows 98/95 Drivers
V4400_142.EXE 11-04-98 1.2MB The WHQL Certified 1.42 driver for the Velocity 4400 increases performance in a number of applications. Release 1.42 also improves performance with ALI-V chipsets on Socket 7 motherboards and improves video playback of DVD and AVI files. Use with BIOS version 1.1 ONLY
VISION301J.EXE 11-04-98 3.4MB VELOCITY 4400 VISION 3.0 Utilities. Includes Windows 95/98 Driver version 1.42 (WHQL Certified). Use with BIOS version 1.1 ONLY

Will these drivers work with my MB?!?!