Banchee or TNT on my P200?
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Thread: Banchee or TNT on my P200?

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    Banchee or TNT on my P200?

    Pls help me make decision on my new PCI video card that gonna be used on P200 48MB EDO . By myself, I'd like to use TNT, but someone said that the CPU is too slow and would be bottleneck. Then, Banchee is more cost effective and supports more games.
    More alternatives are very appreciated.

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    CajunAce Guest
    Definitely Banshee on your system. The TNT won't work nearly as well on such a low-end CPU as a P200. In fact, the TNT doesn't begin to approach Voodoo 2 performance until you get to about a P2 400-450. You'll get the most bang for your buck with Banshee.

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    Go with the banshee...for 3 main reasons
    1)Your cpu would be a bottle neck for the TNT
    2)Banshee supports more games
    3)I think banshee is a little cheaper...

    HOWEVER if you are planning on getting a better CPU anytime soon you might want to consider getting the TNT.....

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    Chanse Guest
    I would assume you would be at some time upgrading your CPU. TnT has the capabilities to last a good while in the market.
    Banshee does not. Also , the bottleneck is not really a problem. A TnT would run beter on a P2 400, (so would everything else), but it will still be fast on a Pentium 200, We installed mine on a P200, and a P166. You're not going to see some amazing (real world...not some crappy benchmarks)speed increase of a Banshee over a TnT on a P200. I have a TnT Velocity and a friend has the Monster Fusion. We ran both cards on the P200, and there was not a noticable difference, unless the game used multitexturing, then the Banshee totally crapped out.

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