Riva TnT Vs. 3dfx banshee
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Thread: Riva TnT Vs. 3dfx banshee

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    Riva TnT Vs. 3dfx banshee

    I'm upgrading soon. I'm upgrading to AMD-K6-2 350 MHz, so I'm getting a new 2D/3D card. I was thinking to get a VELOCITY 4400 or a spectra 2500, then I saw the Diamond Fusion. So I don't know which one to get. I have a Diamond Monster 2 (voodoo 2) and i want good FPS for quake 2 in 800x600 mode. Which one should I get?

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    Actually, your Monster II card is already sufficient for all your 3D needs. I suggest that you get a decent 2D card and retain your monster card. Fusion won't be as good as your current card

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    If you get a tnt card you will be able to have decent fps at 1024x768 resolution with a tnt, but a banshee will be too slow to run it at that speed. The banshee will also be slower than a voodoo2 at 800x600 at quake II and any other game that uses the quake II engine (such as sin and half life).

    I get excellent frames per second in Quake II with my tnt card. The banshee is alot slower because quake II utilizes multitexturing, and the banshee cards only have one texelfx processor, unlike tnt and voodoo2's dual processors.

    Since you already have a voodoo2, it is pointless to get a banshee, because the only reason I could recomend it would be if you have alot of glide games. But because you already have a voodoo2, glide games are not an issue.

    D3D games run good on a banshee, but are still slower than the tnt. Quake II seems to be important to you, so get a tnt card. You will be able to run it up to 1152x864 with pretty decent frame rates. This is higher than dual voodoo2's and the banshee's can do. The banshee will give you playable frame rates only to 800x600, but it will still be slower than a tnt by alot. The banshee is also limited to 16bit color in 3d. The tnt can do 32 bit.

    Also, the tnt image quality in quake II beats the voodoo2 and banshee.

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