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    Linux and ATI are not the bet of friends, from what I hear

    as for windows

    uninstall everything (video and AGP drivers)
    get DRIVER CLEANER pro and clean all ATI drivers

    then install whatever AGP drivers your motherboard needs (VIA needs 4in1 drivers)

    and install latest Catalyst drivers

    you may also need to go to MS site and get the latest NET package

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    thanks for the reply
    I tried this and it diidn't work
    Official drivers still crash instead of installing

    I also installed 4in 1 VIA drivers.
    Is there a way that I can establish that this product this authentic,
    I mean there is ATI written on it but thats just it.
    The drivers I have got with this card are
    all named sis* and while booting I get
    ATI RADEON Bios message showing version and 128Mb memory


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