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Thread: P-Pro & Monster Fusion PCI Help

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    P-Pro & Monster Fusion PCI Help

    I'm running dual P-Pro 166 o/c'ed to 200 and a Diamon Monster Fusion PCI card. When I play Quake 2 under NT4 SP3 in 800x600 and exit the game all is well. If I play in 1024x678 and exit the game it locks up the pc. It did not do this on my other dual processor pc...A dual 233-mmx system. both have 256MB ram. The dual P-Pro system is running on an Intel PR440-FX motherboard and the 233's are running on a Tyan Tomcat IV board. I'm clueless here..I've tried new bios' for the board and card, I've tried new and reference drivers for the card and still no luck. These are both dual boot machines and the card experiences NO problems under Win-98 and any resolution when exiting from Q2...This problem also occurs in all other GL games I have when I attempt to use them at 1024x678. I can play at 800x600 but it's still annoying me that it worked fine in the poorer of the two dual processor systems. Any help would be appreciated on this matter. Thanks to you all. Merry X-mas!!

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    Not sure if you got these,but there are seaperate drivers for the games like quake on the diamond website under the fusion drivers. Also did you flash the fusion Bios as recomended?? I have the fushion but only a 200mmx and I don't have quake so sorry I could not be of much help. Just be sure to read the entire page on the diamond driver page and don't just go to the drivers and download and install. Read the readme files. Good luck.

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