I had a last question about scanning a picture with the Canon Lide 35.

This scanner has the following Output Resolutioin: 75, 100, 150,200,300,400,600 and 1200. The optical resolution is 1200x2400 dpi.

I am planning to scan 4.5x4.5 and 4x6 pictures.

My final intent is to scan them at 720 dpi to optain my 300 dpi if I enlarge them to 8x10 and have some room available if I need to modify them.

However, my concern is that the 720 dpi is not show as an option in the scroll list of resolutions. And since the 720 dpi is not shown in the list I am not sure if that is not a preset setting. I am able to input the 720 dpi though.

My question is do you guys know what should give me a better 8x10 print. If I scan with 600 dpi (resolution part of the list) or 720 dpi (I have to input)?

I know the 720 dpi should give me a better print since its more dpi than the 600. But since the 720 dpi its not on the list, and it requires to be input I am not sure.