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    Permedia 3

    I've read the review posted at HC but I'm still unclear about the Texture Stage part. Is 3DLabs really saying that they can handle 8 texture stages/cycle and each texture/light map/bum map/etc. is only one texture stage? This would be astounding since everyone else is working on dual texturing and most take a performance hit in doing so. In addition, does this also mean 8 OGL actions can be performed per cycle?? I couldn't find the email for those who did the interview so I'm hoping someone at this site knows. Any other info on when we might see some tests of the Permedia 3 would be great. I assume the world (and 3DLabs) is waiting on someone to finish the fab process right now. Thanks.

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    Chanse Guest
    I would assume that they will be able to back up their claims. Although lacking in good game acceleration, the permedia 2 was one of the few cards that actually takes openGl seriously. And I will assume that , like the permedia 2, they will try to market the chipset as game/entry level openGl accelerator,. And if so, these specs would fall right in line with what they want to do.. So, I do hope they live up to their claims, i might just buy one

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    It seems 3dlabs is pushing the permedia 3 towards the game end of the pc industry, and going away from the business end. The permedia 2 was a card made for professional 3d rendering (OpenGL) in windows nt origionally, but they made it compatable with windows 95/98 and direct 3d. It will be interesting to see if the permedia 3 chip will perform as well as the permedia 2 in windows nt running professional OpenGL rendering software.
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    Even if it produces what is it saying it can in regards to gaming, and delivers openGL on a par with the permedia 2 for apps, then it will still be a worthwhile card. The permedia 2 is the best entry level 3d OpenGL card, but it's gaming is so crappy, I didn't want to have to run 2 cards in my system.

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    Does anyone know when cards based on this chip set will be readily available? Hopefully it will be a reasonable compromise product for a person like myself who wants to both work and play (CAD + sims). I use a permedia2 presently and if 3Dlabs get half way to the claimed 6X speed increase over my present card, especially on games, then all will be happy (until the games developers find new ways to use up my system resourses).

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