Whats the best video card for my CPU?
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Thread: Whats the best video card for my CPU?

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    Whats the best video card for my CPU?

    I have a Cyrix 200mmx with 32 bits of RAM and i want to get the best possible 2D/3D video card for my computer....
    what do you think?

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    If you are a gamer I would suggest that you either A: use your present system and buy a banshee($100), 32 more megs of RAM, SDRAM preferably ($45), and preferably buy a intel p200mmx cpu ($70)or B: buy a new motherboard/processor (pII or amd K6-2)and a Riva TNT. the second option will provide you with the best possible performance but only if you can afford it. The Cyrix cpu is not suited for games due to the weak FPU, so you will see a significant increase in 3d gaming speed with the intel cpu. I upgraded from a cyrix pr200 to a intel 200mmx and saw about 7fps increase in fps in QII. But anyway the banshee will work well with a lower system, but for the best possible performance you need to upgrade to a pII and a TNT.

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