Best current PCI card?
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Thread: Best current PCI card?

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    Dec 1998

    Best current PCI card?

    I've got a Pentium I 233MMX, so I can't buy
    an AGP card, but I need an upgrade from my
    crippled S3 as I'm getting a 17" monitor, and
    I'm into games.

    I'm considering an 8MB Matrox G200 Millenium (PCI version), Banshee or plain old millenium II, but I'd be grateful for any advice or other suggestions.

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    Dec 1998
    Of those 3 mentioned....get a Banshee.

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    Nov 1998
    The old Matrox cards are still some of the best 2d cards ever made, of course their 3d capability is well...ya know. I have heard very mixed reviews about the G200's. I understand they have beautiful graphics capability but their 3d ability is slower than other cards. I would think for your CPU the Banshee is the best bet. The TNT cards are fantastic but without serious CPU horsepower you really dont do them justice.

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