diamond viper v330
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Thread: diamond viper v330

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    diamond viper v330

    Viper v330 needs a IRQ for VGA ?? That is what tech support at Diamond told me. All I needed was a BIOS upgrade from "AWARD". Is this true? So far I haven't heard from Award. Where can I get this upgrade if not from Award. Pentum 133, 32 MB, Win 95. Mother board BIOS I430VX-2A59GF39C-00

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    True - most modern graphics card require an IRQ. Have you actually checked in your BIOS to see if this is an option? I used to use the V330 on an m/b with an AWARD BIOS and I seem to remember the exact setting was 'Assign IRQ to VGA'.

    From a couple of searches on www.motherboards.org shows that your board is probably a QDI one - if so, then their homepage (http://www.qdius.com/) could be your first port of call for a BIOS update if you can't find the above setting.

    Good luck!

    Davey P
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