Viper 550 / ATI All-in-Wonderpro ? What is the difference?
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Thread: Viper 550 / ATI All-in-Wonderpro ? What is the difference?

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    Viper 550 / ATI All-in-Wonderpro ? What is the difference?

    I'm planning to invest in a new computer soon. The system comes with ATI All-in-Wonderpro video card, but I have heard too many good things about Diamond Viper 550. Which one should I choose? What is the difference between the two? I know that ATI All-in-Wonderpro is a multimedia video card and Viper 550 is a game card.(do I understand it right???) Will I be running into trouble if I go with Viper 550? If you please, explaind to me the difference between the two.


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    Both cards have 3D capabilities, and It depends on what you want in a card as to which one you should pick, if you want a 3D card that has Video Input/Output, than get the ATI card, if you want better3D graphics get the Viper, but the Diamond card has no Video input/output, but is in some peoples opinion the best 3D card out now, and It does 2D as good or better than the ATI card,
    also the ATI card uses the Rage Pro Turbo Chip which does not have a Full OpenGL driver so in order to play Quake2 you have to get a patch. I have a [email protected](same as the All In Wonder but without the TV input)
    And ATI is fixing to come out with its new Rage128 chip so I wouldnt waist the time with outdated technology, and the Diamond Viper V550 contains the RivaTNT chip which is Nvidia's latest offering. Whew too long, anyway hope I helped, have Fun.

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