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Thread: Best athlon 64 heatsink?

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    I am quite sure I do not have it working to the 100% mark.

    In the BIOS of the board (MSI Neo Plat) there is an area for the C'n'Q and basically I tell it to stay within x degrees with a +/- of 1-5c

    And it speeds up and slows the fan. My settings are 40c +/- 3c.

    And it does work great, when idle, the vantec stealth spins so slow, I can make out the bomber image and read the words. (yeah real scientific ) but the temp hangs at 38-40.

    Then after gaming for hours (Antec P160) front 120mm turned 1/2 speed and rear 120mm fan 1/2 speed I never go above 43c.
    BFC/BF:V/DoomIII and I have a 9800xt.

    I know the rest of it, is add drivers and power setting, but that is just to much work. Plus I am not sure if it would go 3200 and down, or keep me at 2800 and go down.

    Hope that helps.
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