Is my power supply dead?
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Thread: Is my power supply dead?

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    Oct 2004

    Is my power supply dead?

    is my power supply shot?

    i opened the casing up...
    and saw a lot of glue-like substance everywhere.
    then i noticed (the bottom picture) where it joined two parts and it was blackened.

    this power supply will not start up.
    its 300W by UNEEC (model no. HPC-300-101)
    3.3V - 16A
    5V - 25A
    12 - 10A

    just wondering...
    in the process of trashing this PSU...
    still pondering whether to get a kickass PSU or a decent Antec case.

    any replies welcomed...

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    First psu you've opened up, right? Those are normal.

    To check if it powers up, short the "power on" signal wires on the ATX motherboard connector, green and grey (but check those, I'm working from memory). Todd a uses a paper clip.

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    Green to any black on the 20 pin ATX conector. That will power up the power supply without it being plugged into any computer parts (motherboard, hard drives, fans...). Listen for the fan to spin up or leave some parts connectoed to it.
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    Did you try testing to see if someting else was causing the problem? your mobo, cpu, etc..

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    Oct 2004
    what can i do to check these?

    and todd a can u expand on the PSU test?
    i am a lil weary of electricity...


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