wanting the best gaming setup
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Thread: wanting the best gaming setup

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    wanting the best gaming setup

    I NEED HELP!!! i currently have intels 1740 agp card and it gives poor graphics on most games i play. i want to move up and improve my graphics as best i can. if i move up to say: the stb 4440 or canopus spectra 2500, should these be agp if i wanted to cease using the i740 or pci to be used with better agp slot video card. can anyone help???? thanks!!!

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    With an intel 1740, there would be two realistic options. Either continue to use the AGP i740 card for your 2d functions, and buy 1 or 2 voodoo2 cards. Or just junk the i740, and step up to a Canopus or STB TnT based card. I have run both voodoo2 and TnT on my computer and have found the TnT to be a beter card.

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