really low budget --> savage3d/banshee/voodoo II ?
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Thread: really low budget --> savage3d/banshee/voodoo II ?

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    really low budget --> savage3d/banshee/voodoo II ?

    Ive really a very low budget so I will have to decide between a voodoo banshee or the savage 3d...
    does the savage still make so many problems running games and does he still produce clipping errors and so on...? or does he finally have good drivers?

    is the banshee really as glide kompatible for older games as 3dfx says? Is the banshee image quality better than the voodoo2 image quality, or shall I buy a voodoo II if it is to get for the same money (hiscore II)...?
    I still have a k6 200 at 2,5*83 MHz and will upgrade to k6-2 333 soon, is the voodoo II faster with my future cpu or the banshee?
    Or can I really try the savage3d?

    thanks for your answers...
    (by the way, dont tell me about the Riva TNT, I defenitly dont have the money)

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    Man I'm not even close to being an expert in computers but I can tell you one thing-If your decision comes down to Banshee vs. Savage: run screaming from the savage and pick up a banshee for $99 (or less)! all I hear about is driver problems with the savage-and just the mention of s3 brings up horrible visions of the virge?!>! All I know is that I have a friend with the banshee and he has had absolutely no problems with drivers or compatability problems. Also, you might want to check and make sure that the savasge supports 3dnow instructions, because I know that the banshee does.

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    If your budget is extremely limited, as you say, I guess we can assume that you don't have a really fast PII processor. It seems to me that you can get a G200 Matrox for about $89 or less on the web. This is a great 2D/3D combo card that is a little slower than the TNT, but should be easy to interface to. Image quality is rated at or near the best too.

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    You should either get Voodoo2 card( and some cheap 2d card) or buy an OEM TnT card for as little as 100.00. Matrox makes a nice card, but it is more than a little slower than TnT.
    I would avoid the Banshee. You seem to be the type of person who looks toward the future and banshee is just outdated technology. (Voodoo2 is not far behind it.)My frined just bought, instead of a Banshee, a voodoo2 for 89.00, and a i740 (for 2d) for like 37.00.
    Everyone has a budget, but don't shoot yourself in the foot for twenty bucks

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    If you're building a new computer, go for a 2D/3D combo card, it's cheaper. If you're REALLY limited then buy a banshee. Although it's outdated technology it'll still give you pretty good performance. If your system is slow then a banshee is the one to go for.

    Stay away from the Savage whatever... the name sounds neanderthallic, and it is. Don't even consider it.

    If you've got a faster system and enough money, the TNT will be very good. When you have the chance to upgrade, the TNT will also increase its performance.

    Voodoo 2 is for those with lots of money and consider framerates as a phallic symbol. The V2 is usually a couple of FPS faster but costs much more unless you've already got a good 2D card.

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