How to install counterstrike? (original half life!)
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Thread: How to install counterstrike? (original half life!)

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    How to install counterstrike? (original half life!)

    After all the hype and talk of half life 2 (which i'm not going to buy for a while until they iron out all the bugs), I finally decided to try to play counterstrike on the original half life.

    Thing is though, the last time I tried to play it, it didn't work properly, as I couldn't figure out which version of whichever program I needed to download, plus steam was a right pain as I couldn't get it to work.

    So I would be very grateful if someone could post a guide on what I should do from start to finish in order to get counterstrike to work! (starting from after installing half life, as that I can do myself! ). The version of half life I have is just that of the original game with no extras in it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have the same question, too.
    I got all HF/CS/Steam stuff removed long ago.

    I remember to install HF, then install CS mod, then patch both HL and CS, then install some steam stuff, and that should get me to create or resume a steam account.

    If I have to get all those except for the original HL thru Steam, I figure it is gonna take a long while to complete.

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