"High End" Modeling/Animation question !!
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Thread: "High End" Modeling/Animation question !!

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    "High End" Modeling/Animation question !!


    I am begining (read BEGINING) a professional carreer in 3D Modeling/Animation, so I looked around to buy my first "real" system. Interestingly, I have been reading that most "Profesionnal" video cards are way overpriced (I'm thinking about 3dLabs latest offerings). Is anyone able to comment this ? I was thinking to keep my faithfull Permedia2 board until Permedia3 becomes available; I do not want to spend 1000$ on a video card right now.

    Any experiences with the best sub 500$ 3D Studio Max performer ?

    Thanks !

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    Chanse Guest
    The best card withing a reasonable price is the Oxygen 102, and 202, . At release the 102 was like 1000.00 and the 202 was around 2200.00. It is a fairly powerful card, and
    really shines with max because of its heidi drivers and the power threads for dual processing. I have been animating and modeling for 3 years, and have found most of the cards to be very expensive. BUt part of the reason is that 3DSMAX (which I use) is a slow as dirt program, that does not properly take advantage of most accelerators. Permedia and Dynamic Labs Oxygen were about the only two companies I found to be worth the price

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