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Thread: AGP with SLI

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    AGP with SLI

    Running Asus P5A-B, AMD K6-2 300Mhz, 64mgs 100Mhz SDRAM, Win98, Iiyama Pro 17, Yada Yada Yada! My video is a Diamond Stealth S220 and a Diamond Voodoo2 12mg. Santa is bringing me a 2nd Voodoo2 for SLI and I then want to get an AGP card to replace my tired S220.(I mainly play flight sims like Red Baron 3D, IAF, F-15, WWII Fighters but will also get Unreal and can't wait for the new Duke Nukem). I had my heart set on the Canopus Spectra 2500 mainly for it's witchdoctor and great video out, but am concerned about problems with TNT and Super7 boards and have been told that with SLI the TNT would be a waste of $$ for basicly 2D only. A few have recomended the Matrox G200 or even the G100.(I want a good TV out)What do you all recomend? Thanks a million!

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    It all depends on what games you will be playing . A TnT will be good for a great many games. Voodoo2 SLI will realy come into play with many of the new shooters, but if you play a lot of flight sims you could get some great output from a TnT. G200 is nice but just not worth the money

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    True, the TNT's high price tag (especially the Canopus Spectra 2500) does seem like a waste for an SLI user, but the Spectra has a couple features to make it worthwhile:
    1) Its TV out can be used with the Voodoo2 boards, so a 3D game utilizing the SLI cards could still be displayed on TV.
    2) The Spectra has an internal pass-through cable virtually eliminating any video signal degradation usually found with Voodoo2 cards.
    I own the Spectra myself, and while I haven't seen the G200, the Spectra's TV out quality is spectacular. Canopus has released updated drivers for Super7 users.

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    Hi, I truely think that you sould try something like an nVidia 6800 GT or something similar. Those cards you listed are a bit old and by the way. Duke Nukem 3D came out a long time ago, you should try something like Half-life 2 or Doom 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dammed
    Duke Nukem 3D came out a long time ago, you should try something like Half-life 2 or Doom 3.

    So did that thread ,8yrs ago in fact.

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    LOL I know, I did this as a joke. Man those cards are WAAYY old!

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    8 years?! These forums have grown quite old
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    What the................

    I got to the part, "..Santa is bringing me a 2nd Voodoo2 for SLI...." and then realized I needed to look at the date of the post
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    lol good one

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    Well since were going back in time.

    How bout a Radeon HD 5970 that has two GPU chips in one card. lollll Its funny how the guy in 06 says a 6800 and now we can go up to an HD 5970, technology evolves sooo fast! Lets try some Call of duty Modern Warfare 2!

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    I thought SLI was a rather recent development, they already had it in the late 90's?
    Maybe it went back earlier on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dysharmonic View Post
    I thought SLI was a rather recent development, they already had it in the late 90's?
    Maybe it went back earlier on?
    SLI was invented by 3dfx in the Voodoo/Voodoo2 era (end-90s). nVidia was able to use the name after buying 3dfx and its assets.

    I still have a Voodoo3 in use in my server. Long live the king

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