Hey I'm setting up digital displays for the large retail store I work at. I'm very seasoned with computers and graphics, but just want to get general opinions on this from others.

The display units will be at our main entrances and plus at the top of our central escalator. Each unit will have two large displays (likely cheap LCD tv's), one showing a map of the store, one showing a directory of aisles.

Here's what I'm thinking:
-Central barebones Linux computer with a video splitter
-Video cable running to all the displays: Some runs will easily be +500 feet, if considering running from back office, up along walls and ceiling, to reach destination. Cannot run along floors. Basically all wiring drops down from ceiling. This is a very large department store.

-Any suggestions on computer choice? Would be running 24/7 365, and perhaps switch to screensaver overnight. Ideally would like to have LCD's shutoff overnight too, regardless of video screensaver from server.

-Video splitter: Any pre-made good robust solution, or just deal with mess of wires and basic splitters?

-Video cable runs: Could coaxial be useds for the LCDs (digital)? How about signal strength/quality, etc?

Potentially in the future...

Possibly may introduce an electronic version of our weekly specials flyer, with some kind of interactivity where-by a user waves their hand over a sensor to flip pages of the flyer. This would likely require a barebones computer underneath every display unit, and some kind of networking to update each computer.