ATI Radeon X850 Details
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Thread: ATI Radeon X850 Details

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    ATI Radeon X850 Details

    not sure if anyone has seen this yet but ive found details on the net about the ATI Radeon X850

    The Inquirer

    ATI claims the Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition will surpass the GeForce 6800 Ultra for 3D performance by wide margins. Internal testing shows the next-generation card to be 40% faster in Far Cry and over 50% faster in Unreal Tournament 2004. Cards from the X800 product family should reach retail shelves in January.

    Of particular interest is the Radeon X800XL. Even though the X850 will take the spotlight at retailers, the Radeon X800XL could represent a great value for mainstream gamers, especially when overclocked.

    Radeon X800XL is based on the R430XL chip. Its core is clocked to 400MHz and the memory runs at 500, 1000MHz. The card comes with sixteen pipelines, 256MB RAM and VGA, DVI and TV out. The suggested retail price for this card is $349.
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    PR departments can say what they want. It is just a tweeked Radeon x800 core that seems to clock a tiny bit higher. The performance differances should not be that big, likely around 10%, but the supply is supposed to be better for these. This is not their DX9.0c core. That will follow in the Spring time last I heard (and might be an SLI board).
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