which video card, canapos 3dfx or viper 550
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Thread: which video card, canapos 3dfx or viper 550

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    which video card, canapos 3dfx or viper 550

    I am trying to make an educated purhcase I have no idea what the following stand for
    riva.tnt. voodoo2. 3dfx.. I keep seeing every one likes the viper 550 but a friend who is
    knowledable about computers keeps telling me to get the canapos 3dfx.. is it good, outdated, ????? Steve

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    Chanse Guest
    THe Riva TnT is a chipset made by Nvidia. It is used in many video cards by companies such as Diamond(Viper550), STB(Velocity4400), Canopus(Spectra2500), and more. The Voodoo2 is a chipset made by 3DFX. It is used in boards by many of the same companies. ( Canopus Pure3d, Diamond Monster3d, STB Blackmagic). The TnT is a 2d/3d card with exceptional performance in both aspects, using Directx and OpenGL. The voodoo2 chipset is another fast chipset, but is 3d only. It requires you to have a seperate 2d video card installed in your system. It is the fastest 3d acceleration out right now, and is able ot really shine whne running 2 of them in a unified setup, called SLI ( Scan Line Interleave) The voodoo2 is faster than the TnT, mainly because 3dfx has a proprietary APi, called GLide, which is extremely fast. It really depends on what you're looking for. The Voodoo2 SLi is the fastest thing out there, If you are simply looking for the fastest card. If you want the most well rounded card, the TnT is the way to go, mainly because it 's speed is comparable to voodoo2, and it supports some new functions that voodoo2 does not.

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