Creativelabs 3d blaster Riva TNT AGP 16MB
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Thread: Creativelabs 3d blaster Riva TNT AGP 16MB

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    Creativelabs 3d blaster Riva TNT AGP 16MB

    I am experiencing problems with my pc since I installed the new Video card named above the (3D blstr Riva TNT AGP 16mb). The problems is that my pc boots up fine with no problems till the Win98 logo, after that my screen goes blank nothing. I removed all display adapters and their related adapters and reinstalled, this time everything worked fine and I was able to get 1024x768 res, but when I went to do browse the system hung and I had to reset it. When I went back into Windows my res was turned down to 640x480 and I could only use 16 colors, i tried to change it and the pc restarted but I went back to the original res when I went back in Windows. Can anyone help!!!! Oh I have a Superpower mb and a AMK6-2/300 3dnow cpu and 128mb of ram. Any help or advice would be greately appreciated.

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    Chanse Guest
    It may have something to do with you motherboard. There have been more than a few problems with the TnT and Super7 motherboards.You may want to check with your motherboard manufacturer and/or nvidia/Creative, to see if there is any information regarding your motherboard.

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