Graphics Blaster RivaTNT or STB 4400?!
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Thread: Graphics Blaster RivaTNT or STB 4400?!

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    Adir Abraham Guest

    Graphics Blaster RivaTNT or STB 4400?!

    I want to buy a RivaTNT card but I really don't know which one to choose. I only know that they have the same technical specifications, and that's the card that I really want to buy, the question is - which card? Creative's card Graphics Blaster RivaTNT, or STB 4400?
    Another question is if only STB 4400 has an S-Video output or do the GB RivaTNT has that output as well (without any connection to what I want to buy. I will buy the better card with quality and performances and not because of the S-Video connector)?
    Thanks in advance
    Regards, Adir.

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    Chanse Guest
    The STb has pretty nice tv/out, which I originally did not want to pay extra for, but is proving very useful. I bought STB because they have been, to me ,the most helpful company when it comes to customer support.

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    I recently purchased a GB RivaTNT. It works great. It doesn't have TV-OUT, which personally I think its useless. But that is because my computer and TV aren't near each other. I've had no problems with it and since it is cheaper I'd go with the GB RivaTNT. (Note: I did see a rumor that STB was dropping their prices though)

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