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Thread: Savage3D/Banshee/TNT??

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    Hi! I've an AMD 233/64MB-Ram and I'm going to buy a new (cheap) video card (and maybe a K6-2 300). Which video card is the best for my system (VA-503+ => AGP)??? I mean a 2d/3d card with one of the following chips:
    S3 Savage3D/3dfx Banshee/Riva TNT

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    Chanse Guest
    I'd get a TnT based card. It's faster than the Banshee. The Savage 3d sounds good, but from what i know , is very unpredictable.

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    Nov 1998
    Savage3d! I have a TNT and Savage 3d on a K6-300 and the Savage is faster for my chip. Although I understand once you go 350 and beyond the TNT is faster. And I cannot tell the difference in displays when they are side by side. They are both beautiful.

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    I'm not an expert, but I don't think the TNT supports 3DNOW!. That would probably be something to consider if you are going to upgrade to the K6-2.

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    1) TNT doesn't support 3DNow! ??? Well, but is 3DNow! supported by a savage or a banshee based card?

    2) I already have a voodoo1 card could this be an argument against a banshee based card?

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    I've heard 3dfx and AMD made an agrement so 3dfx would support 3dnow. The performance are, mostly, the same with TNT being faster, than Banshee and finally Savage3D. You must look for the best prices (TNT more expensive) and necessity of ultra high quality, only achived with high end P2 or Celeron overclocked.

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