Hello all, I am having a problem trying to get my ATI Xpert98 8mb card (uses RagePro chip) to work with my new STB Voodoo2 12mb card. When i try to launch Quake2 one of two things will happen: 1- 50% of the time the program won't even load and just sits at a blank screen (which i can end-task from to get out) 2- it fires up quake and runs beautifully for about 2-5 minutes before the screen completely freezes showing some slight wavy distortion of the screen (i usually have to reboot to get out of this predicament). I noticed that someone else on this discussion board had a problem with a voodoo2/rage combo and i'll try the suggestion given there about changing the 2 cards pci slots around...but if this could be due to something else that anyone knows about please let me know, it would be much appreciated. thnks,

<AM>Silent Sam