here's whats going on:
when ever i leave my laptop to charge overnight, i wake up to find the bottom of it exteremely hot!, but the battery is very cool. Seems like after the battery is fully charged, the laptop turns itself on?(beause the hd/power light it on), but i cant actually turn it on or use it. the only way to fix it from that point is to take out the battery and unplugg the AC, so it completely looses power, put the battery back in, and it works fine.
Another interesting phenominon is that whenever this laptop goes into standby mode the very same thing happens! the bottom heats up and i cant turn it back on!
the model is an armada m700
an help in solving this mystery would be deeply appreciated


edit:my lappy is now fully charged and the power light is blinking...its not on, but i saw i similar thing last night before i went to bed!