9600xt just bought....having problems
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Thread: 9600xt just bought....having problems

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    9600xt just bought....having problems

    ok....got a problem now.....everything was running fine and all....playing nfs underground 2....looking really good....but then once in a while the game crashes.
    it'll either hang....or it'll reset my com automatically....i notice it happens most of the time when the movies in between are playing......why is this??

    i have the latest drivers as well as the latest catalyst.
    please help...

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    Did you completely uninstall the previous video drivers? What did you update from?

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    Welcome to the forum

    Make sure as said above that you have uninstalled the old drivers completely and that you installed the latest drivers from the ati site, if not they can be downloaded HERE

    also go to your ati display properties (Control Pannel > Display > Settings > Advanced) then go to Overdrive and check the cards temperature.
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    yeah i uninstalled my previous drivers for my geforce fx5200 before installing this card. my overdrive says the temperature is 45 degrees. but i dont know when i go into a game if it rises or not. should i turn off overdrive ??

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