Why do LCD's look so good in stores?
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Thread: Why do LCD's look so good in stores?

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    Why do LCD's look so good in stores?

    Everyone says there is not much difference between lcd and a crt but in the store the lcd's look so darn bright. It is pretty obvious that they want to sell lcd's because they are at the front of the store with a greater selection.
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    Well, LCDs are pretty bright anyway. Unlike, say, CRTs, a manufacturer can make an LCD as bright as they want to. Just put a stronger backlight in it, and there you go.

    I wouldn't really base a purchase on brightness alone, though.

    As for the shops, of course they want to sell the expensive stuff. At equal profit margins (in percent), selling a $1000+ 20" TFT is better than selling a $100 low end CRT, and it actually took less shelf and warehouse space.

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    lcd's are generally brighter by nature. Its a plus for the type.

    Try looking at a veiwsonic crt with ultrabrite technology. Its as bright as many lcd's. I was skeptic at first but i have two of them now...

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