What is so great about Halo 2
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Thread: What is so great about Halo 2

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    What is so great about Halo 2

    What is so great about Halo 2? I've never played the first one yet.

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    Just read reviews about it, and if you did play the first one you would be amazed as I was when it first came out.

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    I played the first one on PC and wasn't too impressed. I was hoping to find something a little more complex.

    It was good enough to finish, but I'm hoping the second version is much improved. I'll wait until my daughter plays it on X-Box and get her opinion.

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    What is so great about Halo 2?

    It's one of the greatest PC games released this year. Oh wait, it's Xbox only. In that case, I can't think of anything

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    I don't know the first one really always seemed like an above average shooter not something that was remarkably great. I played through it with a friend in Co-op mode when it first came out and never really felt like playing it again. Some of the level design just made my head hurt like the library level and I was never one for console FPS games, but I always thought Goldeneye was far superior compared to Halo.

    Halo 2 looks pretty good, but none of the videos I have seen has really floored me like say Half Life 2 or Doom 3.
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    although its xbox only, you can still play it on the pc w/ a emulator

    when it comes out for pc, its gonna look awsome
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    damn, beat me to this post.

    Halo sucks.

    I just wanted to say that because all i hear from people is that their lives have now changed

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    without half life 2 there will be no CSS

    CSS is hot not hL2
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    I played Halo for PC and it was a terrible port. The game was ok, a nice arcade game, nothing more. Except as so many pointed out, it ran like crap. But it was a port from xbox so I'd say very little effort went into upgrading it to PC specs (as opposed to VGA spec of XBOX).

    Xbox is heavily competing against PS2 for world number 1 spot. (I believe its currently PS2). So that said not wasting time with a PC port was a good thing for the Xbox power struggle.

    Everysingle thing bar the hero and his headspace girlfriend (the computer) dies in Halo. It would be interesting to know if more genocide takes place in Halo2

    without half life 2 there will be no CSS
    I'm ready for HL2. I checked out CS:S for a tease. It was a vast improvement - I was impressed. Even though it is the same maps and gameplay the realism enhancements are damn good.

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    Halo 2 was reviewed today on Gamecentral, the gaming bit of UK Channel 4's teletext service.

    Overall they gave it 9/10, but said the single player was flawed and often monotonous. Which sums up perfectly my impressions of the original game. Gamecentral said that only the fantastic multiplayer element saved Halo 2 from getting a lower score.

    So much for the gaming revolution that was promised by the hype

    Anyway, who cares. Only 6 days until the real deal, HL2
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    Thought I'd chime in my 2 cents as well. I totally agree w/ the subject header: what IS the big deal about Halo (or, as I like to call it: Hallow)? I played the first 5-10 min's and watched more of my friend play the first one and it's just your average space FPS. Zero story, average gameplay, average graphics. Save your money and buy HL2
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    Buy HL2 and Halo 2, and be happy. Halo is the perfect game to play with a group of friends, and now that I can take my friends online with me, it's only going to be better.
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