Canopus Pure3D vs. ATI Expert 98 @ Play
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Thread: Canopus Pure3D vs. ATI Expert 98 @ Play

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    Canopus Pure3D vs. ATI Expert 98 @ Play

    I currently have a K-6 233 and a STB Velocity 3d (VIRGE 8megs). I was thinking of buying Canopus Pure3D and/or a ATI Expert 98 @ Play (then I can give the STB to my wife) both cards are less than $50 at Got any suggestions?

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    Well, first off, the Canopus Pure3d card is a 3d only card based on the 3dfx chipset. This will require leaving your stb card in your computer to use it. It has not 2d capabilities, it is a straight 3d only accelerator. The canopus pure 3d is a way better card than the ati, but the ati is a 2d/3d card. The 2d is good, but the 3d is nowhere as good as the canopus pure 3d card. I have this card in my system (pII 266) and it is still a great card. If you need a 2d/3d card to replace the stb, think about a different card than the ati if you play any 3d games. The rage pro chip on that card is slow. A riva 128 is a better choice in your price range.
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