millenium g200 or banshee
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Thread: millenium g200 or banshee

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    millenium g200 or banshee

    I have a k6-2 333 and want to buy a new grafc board!
    what shall i buy, millenium g200 or voodoo banshee if i want speed and image quality?

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    Chanse Guest
    BUy a card based on the Nvidia RIva TnT chipset. It is faster than both of them and you can get a 16MB board for as little as 120.00 now. The G200 is beautiful(we have 2 at work) buy too slow, plus a 16MB G200 pushes your price waaay up. The Banshee can't hang with TnT. Spped and image quality for only 120.00

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