STB or Diamond AGP card
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Thread: STB or Diamond AGP card

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    STB or Diamond AGP card

    i'm planning to build a system with AMD K6-2 350mhz cpu...would a STB Velocity 128zx or a Diamond V330 be better?

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    Neither... Try a G200 or Banshee. Actually I've got a V330 and it's good as long as you stay with D3D or 2D-graphics. But a newer card would probably be worth the extra bucks.

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    Chanse Guest
    With a fast processor like that, it would be a waste to run it with a card that does not fully push it's potential. I'd go with some thing liek a TnT or a voodoo2 setup. You can get a creative tnt for as little as 120.00 now

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    Assuming you've got a VIA MPV3 chipset, then I can recommend the Diamond V550 - just make sure you get hold of the latest AGP driver from VIA - had no problems with my V550.

    If you've got an ALI chipset, then you may find you have problems with most AGP cards.

    Davey P

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