New harddrive setup
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Thread: New harddrive setup

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    New harddrive setup

    My 200gb WD finally game in. It is a WD CAVIAR SE 200GB 8mb cache.

    I read some reviews on this drive before and some people said this was a loud drive. All I can say is that it is quieter than my pair of maxtor drives.

    This is my first drive NOT build by maxtor, and so far I am not disapointed at all.

    Here are a few shots of the setup, and the aditional HD rack I added.

    I Mounted the new 200gb drive in the top rack upside-down, so that there is almost an inch gap inbetween the two.

    All three drives run nice and cool, they are all pretty cool to the touch, my 60gb maxtor is slightly warmer than the rest.

    There is a 80mm fan behind the pair uptop, and a one behind the rack at the bottom also.

    Here are the temperatures of the drives are reported by their onboard sensors. (I think the reading of my 80gb maxtor is slightly wacked)

    And here is the setup.

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    Nice job on the power cables. You can fold the ribbon cables to minimize their impact on the airflow. Just avoid sharp creases at the folds.

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