Voodoo 3 -16 bit color
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Thread: Voodoo 3 -16 bit color

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    Voodoo 3 -16 bit color

    This is sort of my mini-survay; What's more important: Frame rate or 32 bit color? That's the issue with the announced release of Voodoo 3 which only supports 16 bit color. Remember; 30 fps is all you need, but that is typically only an "average" figure... Systems that average 30 fps often fall to 10-20 fps in complicated scenes. Check out the article at sharkyextreme.com

    32 bit color looks great, so does smooth framerate.......


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    I think that 3dfx tries too hard to be first to market, and to be able to brag about frame rates. Visual quality is too important to not focus on. "Higher frame rates" makes better copy, I guess. They play off of the people that have to have the fastest and have to have it first.

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    The celeron 300a with a riva tnt card posts minimum frame rates in most games (with the exception of unreal and the beta d3d patch) around the 30fps mark, with peak rates beating voodoo2 and almost matching dual voodoo2 sometimes. So for me, right now I would have to say image quality is a far greater concern, as long as the card that has the better image quality can also push out minimum frame rates around 30fps. 24bit z-buffering is getting to be important, and I dont think I would go to a voodoo3 because of this lack.
    Also just wait, riva has the TnT2 revision coming in early 99 with .25micron technology, that will push dual voodoo2 performance with a 24-bit z-buffer. I was thinking of getting a riva tnt card now, but I think I will wait until the new revision comes out, besides, my pure 3d card still gets me decent enough performance for now.
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