Hi all, hope somebody can offer a little advice. I'm currently on a system with a Cyrix 200(non-mmx) and old 1Mb Cirrus card. I've been wanting to upgrade my vid card for sometime, but so much has come out in past six months that I didn't know what to do. Also, and this is critical, I'm a college student (=poor) about to enter grad school (=dirt poor), so money is a HUGE factor for me right now. I'm going to strongly hint for one for x-mas, but I need to know what to ask for first.

I've heard wonderful things about the new TNT chipsets and that's really what I'm leaning towards getting right now. I keep hearing that you need a fast CPU to notice the diff, but HEY, I'm coming from a 1 meg card here! I would imagine anything is faster than that!! Am I correct, or will the vid card actually slow my system down? I've also considered a Voodoo2 accelerator, mainly because the only game I currently play on-line is glide-enhanced. But I've heard you need a 2Mb 2D card for that. Is this true?

I should add as a footnote, that if the finances work out, I'm going to upgrade my m/b and CPU to one of the new AMD lines (either K6-3 or K7) early next year. With that in mind, what kind of card would you all recommend?