Basically I'll be getting a new PC soon-ish. The company I'll be getting it from uses ATI and Matrox cards predominantly. What I would like is an all-in-one card for 2D/3D and video capture for some digital editing. This means I'll be looking at something like the Matrox Marvel which is based on the Mystique G200 rather than the Millennium G200. The Mystique uses SDRAM and not the faster SGRAM which the Millennium uses and also has a slower RAMDAC (230MHz as opposed to 250MHz). I could get the Millennium G200 and the Rainbow Runner G-Series add-on card. Does this give me the equivalent of a Marvel based on the Millennium? Are there any functionality differences? Is this a good idea???

Also, is there going to be a new Matrox 2D/3D card coming out in the next few months. Someone told me that there was a Millennium G400 due out after Xmas but I haven't heard anything (and it seems a bit too early considering we've only recently had the G200). Has anyone heard of anything like this???