Radeon 9700 - Weird Corruption
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Thread: Radeon 9700 - Weird Corruption

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    Radeon 9700 - Weird Corruption

    Hi guys,

    I got my new Radeon 9700 Pro yesterday which I bought from an online auction. I got it at a good price on a no-returns basis as the seller wasn't sure whether it was the card, or his machine that was faulty.

    Anyway, I put it in my machine and booted up. The first time it booted, I had lots of blue blocks, evenly spaced out across the Windows 2000 start-up screen and also when it got into Windows.

    After I had installed the drivers for the card and restarted again, the corruption on the start-up screen remained, but there was none in Windows. I tried a game, and sure enough, was presented with a screen corruption.

    I've tried re-flashing the BIOS to a 9700NP and also a 9500NP, hoping that if I tried to only use 4 pipelines it would be ok. I still get corruption in 3D applications, but none when sat in Windows. I've tried running the Milkdrop plug-in for Winamp and I get no corruption in that, although I get corruption while playing a video in WMP.

    So, my question is... has anyone had this problem before? Is the card faulty, or is it a simple fix? I've taken the shim off and bolted the old CPU heatsink I had fixed to my 9500 to the card, so it can't be overheating. I'm just about to try flashing to a 9700 Pro and will also try the Omega drivers.

    Oh, it has Samsung RAM.

    Thanks for any replies.

    Oh the joys of Doom 3 with 512mb RAM

    As you can see, in Windows I get no corruption.

    This is what the corruption looks like with the 9700 Pro bios...
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