i need advise on GigaByte-612 Intel740 AGP Card
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Thread: i need advise on GigaByte-612 Intel740 AGP Card

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    i need advise on GigaByte-612 Intel740 AGP Card

    i search everywhere for the review of this product but end up only the specifications
    only. So anyone of there can give any advise as soon as possible..thankq

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    Chanse Guest
    From what I have read, all the 1740 cards have similar performance, with only the real3d starfighter squeezing out ahead. But with that chipset, I'd just go with the cheapest price.

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    All i740 cards use the agp protocol.
    Even if you tell them not to, and will use system memory even there is no need. small textures, as well as large clog the cpu.
    I remember seeing i740 on a amd, with Jedi knight, and setting no agp made no difference to the system every 1.5 seconds or so, the screen would freeze, and over all it looked a bit jerky.Imagine playing Doom on a 486 at 25mhz., in a win95 dos box. that was how it was. If you go AGP, make sure your cpu is not left fighting for bandwidth!

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