BEST TV-out on a VC I have seen to date
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Thread: BEST TV-out on a VC I have seen to date

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    BEST TV-out on a VC I have seen to date

    I got Radeon 7000 64MB VE so I can use comp in the sig until I decide what video card to get

    To my suprise the picture from the TV-out is absolutely superb, crisp and clear

    The only time I remember having such a good picture on my TV screen was back in the days of old Sigma Hollywood DVD decoder card

    I identified the card from its device ID and came up with Unitech Electronics Co., Ltd

    Does anyone know where to get their cards and are they manufacturing cards for some other brand as well

    site is in Korean only

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    The current trend with video cards is to use a GPU integrated TV chipset. nVidia typically used a low quality Connexant/Brooktree TV chip and ATi used a modified version via their Rage Theater chip. Now we have the ATi Theater 550 and nVidia's TV out is integrated into the GPU. I have to say that the TV-out on my 6800GT is superb and noticeably better than my 9800 and All in Wonder 7500.
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    Great thats good to know, 6800GT looks like the best option price/performance wise
    Especially since my dead R9800pro got me pretty much what I originally paid for it, in store credit

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