Need CL GD5401 driver for Win`95
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Thread: Need CL GD5401 driver for Win`95

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    Need CL GD5401 driver for Win`95

    Send please driver to: [email protected]

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    Nov 1998
    You have requested a driver for a chip that is very old and never supported much more than VGA mode. There are no Driver currently available from Cirrus Logic for any operating systems. Most implementations of the chip should function with a generic VGA
    driver included with your operating system. Yes, this means you are limited to a maximum of 16 colors in most operating systems.
    I recommend just buy a new video card if u
    got the cash why not buy a banshee With 16mb
    Or just buy a s3 card that only cost $25 or less . The banshee only cost $120 or less

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