Ok, sorry it's kind of a long story for me, i really hope someone can explain a few things to me. ok here i go:

this weekend i bought a new heatsink/cpu fan (vantec Va4-7245) to be exact. before that, asusprobe read my cpu temp to be around 52 degrees celsius. after i installed new sink/fan, it shot up to 56,57,58,59. my computer even auto shut off 3 times so i took off the side panel and now it's fine again. asusprobe continues to read temps around 57.

so i dled MBM5 because my friend recommended it and said asusprobe usually reads 10 degrees higher than actual (i also saw this in another forum). well it turns out i don't know how to work the settings for the sensors of this program. my mobo is A7N8X Deluxe rev <2.0. i read on the mobo list that for cpu socket i must set to asus 2 and for case i must set to asus 1. as for diode, i really have no idea what "W83L785TS S Diode" means, and i don't know what sensor chip is.

what i ultimately did was just ignore the diode part and set the asus 1 and 2 and i got 56 for case and 30 for cpu socket. i'm now very confused. i hope someone can tell me what's going on and how to work this MBM5 thing. sorry i typed so much, it's just that today i messed up so bad. thanks in advance.