Async AGP/PCI CLK 66/33mhz ???
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Thread: Async AGP/PCI CLK 66/33mhz ???

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    Async AGP/PCI CLK 66/33mhz ???

    i got that option in my bios and i can change it to either 73/36mhz or 80/40mhz what does this do and will i benefit if i change it to one of the other 2? the default is 66/33mhz

    this is what i got, i have Oc'ed my p4 2.80ghz to 3+Ghz, can i get anything more out of it? so far the Oc has been done only by upping the FSB,

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    Not so familiar with the P4 side of computing, but it looks like you have a PCI/AGP lock which will keep those at the correct speeds when you change the FSB. That's a good thing. You want them at the correct speeds to avoid problems with hard drives, etc.

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    you can only get more out the CPU by upping the FSB. i'd say you should be able to take it up to 3.2ghz. just watch your temps.

    upping the AGP/PCI clock doesn't do much if anything. all it does is increase the bandwidth to those devices and in most cases the available bandwidth is more then enough. upping them too high can cause instability. when that happens to your hard drive, which is apart of the PCI bus, you can cause data corruption. not a good thing for trying to squeeze out a little more speed. which you won't see anyhow as it's too small.
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