how far will a p4 2.6C with a thermalright xp-120 go?
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Thread: how far will a p4 2.6C with a thermalright xp-120 go?

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    how far will a p4 2.6C with a thermalright xp-120 go?

    im currently runnin a p4 2.6c on a msi neo2-fis2r mobo w/pc3700 mem
    the mobo does not have any CPU:MEM ratios.
    Would it be worth it for me a to buy an xp120 for my board? and how far could i OC it?
    if anyone out there has has experience w/this mobo please share you knowledge on how to make things work!
    When i had my zalman i got this puppy up to 3.39 , but any higher it wouldnt work. So now i want to get back into OC'N
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    Same mobo same Cpu 2.6C
    Bus Speed 1020Mhz
    Voltage set in bios 1.6v
    Memory:1x Pny 512 Pc3500 @204Mhz x2 DDr Cas:2.5-3-3-6
    1x Kingston Hyperx 512 Pc4000 @204Mhz x2 DDr Cas 2.5-3-3-6
    Memory Voltage 2.7v
    Dual Channel.

    Cpu Heat Sink Thermal Take Xaser Edition
    Cpu Temp idile:37c
    Cpu Load:50-55c

    Hope It Helps

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    Yah, you could likely set the 200Mhz (800Mhz) bus speed to 250Mhz (1000Mhz) without any trouble. You might need to up the voltage a tiny bit. You might be able to push it to 266Mhz (1066Mhz) bus. I would not expect more without it being VERY good memory, CPU, and motherboard as you will be pushing all three pretty hard. Your memory is rated for something like 466Mhz, which would only let you do 233 without overclocking. If you stick you what your memory is rated for, you will top out at 3Ghz. I'm not sure what memory settings your board has, but lowering the multiplier from 1:1 will lower the performance and might not make it worth overclocking beyond what your memory can handle. You will need to see what your memory can do and what your performance is with lower memory ratios.

    So to break it down, 233Mhz bus for 3Ghz will be a snap at default voltages and memory speeds (1:1), likely. 250Mhz bus will be a streatch for your memory, but at lower ratios will make a good overclock at 3.25Ghz. Higher voltages will likely be needed by now. 266Mhz bus will yeild you 3.45Ghz and will require lower memory timings and extra voltage. If you are lucky you might hit 280Mhz bus, but this would be a pretty hard stretch. Your memory timings would likely be at 3:4 (or is it 4:3) to keep it near stock and the voltages will be pretty high... likely.
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