S3 Trio3D vs. S3 VirgeGX2
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Thread: S3 Trio3D vs. S3 VirgeGX2

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    S3 Trio3D vs. S3 VirgeGX2

    Please help me ...
    I bought the new computer (K6-2-300, FIC VIA503+, 3Dfx VodoGraphics 4MB). I wanted the video card VirgeGX2, but producter completed the computer with Trio3D.
    I'd like to know, which of these cards is better. Should I change card from Trio3D to VirgeGX2?
    Both are the AGP and 4MB RAM, the prise is the same.

    Thanks Petr

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    Don't bother, you won't notice any real difference...

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    ur Voodoo will do the work in 3D,
    and there isn't a real difference in 2D between these cards

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    AlbertaBeef Guest
    The Trio3D uses the same 3D engine as the GX2, but adds 128bit 2D. The only advantage of the GX2 is the capability of TV Output, which the Trio3D cannot do.

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