viper v550 & asus p5a S-socket7-mainboard patch
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Thread: viper v550 & asus p5a S-socket7-mainboard patch

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    viper v550 & asus p5a S-socket7-mainboard patch

    Has anybody got the patch that fixes the bug my mainboard (Asus P5A Super Socket7) has with my videocard... 'cause I REALLY need it... I can't use my videocard now... AND IT SUCKS!!!
    so please... sent it to me or let me know of a link to it...

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    Hello. As far as I know, the card and board are not compatible. I was hoping to use the same set-up. I am trying to get in touch with Diamond tech support for an answer. I will try and keep you posted. I think the patch will be availible, but who knows when. Lagman

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    i think might be able to help the both of you and other TNT users who are using the asus P5A

    look for the bios update for your board and download the latest bios ver 1004 and this should clear things up a bit....after you have done that flash the bios and i hope your card works after that
    do tell me the results as i'm also looking forward to buy a TNT card

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