Black Holes + see-thru windows
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Thread: Black Holes + see-thru windows

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    Black Holes + see-thru windows

    Sometimes,(often now) when I close an open window a black hole remains in its place.Once this starts, all icons, menu bars etc lose their colors or totally change color.If I drag a window it leaves an echo-like trail which can be black or even see-thru to a window behind.
    Once this starts happening,(every 3-4hrs or so)theres no way out but reboot, or strangely if I open & run a Dos program while still in Win95, when I exit dos the screen 'pops' back to normal like nothig ever happened. Where should I begin to track this down? Any ideas?

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    This sounds like possibly a driver problem. Goto the web site for you video card maker and download the latest drivers and install them. Also, if you ever install a game that auto installs direct x, it may overwrite your video card drivers and cause this kind of problem (ie: diamond stealt 3d 2000: when direct x auto istalls, sometimes the drivers will be replaced with s3 drivers, and cause this kind of problem).
    Right click on control panel, then left click properties, click the device manager tab and look for video adapters. Look at the make and see if it is the correct card. If it says a different name than the card you have installed, install the proper drivers for it.
    If none of this helps, you may be having a hardware problem (such as a bad chip on the video card).
    Also look at what it lists for you monitor, and make sure it lists the proper one, or at least a plug and play monitor. If it says unknown monitor type, change its properties.
    Hope this helps.

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