How do I overclock my ram?
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Thread: How do I overclock my ram?

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    How do I overclock my ram?

    I am worried I'll blow it. I have 512MB of Crucial PC2100 that I can't really afford to lose but I wouldn't die if I did. I tried putting it at 266 with a bump in voltage but the machine won't boot. I am afraid to give it a second voltage boost. How much voltage can these safely take? Do they need heat spreaders? Right now I have it at 2.5v. it won't overclock at 2.63 and the last two steps are 2.77, and 2.90. So what should I try?

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    If you want to overclock, you have to change the timing such as the cas and ras to a higher value. Make sure that you ram, mobo and cpu are able to support the new setting.

    Search the web to find out the best timing that your ram can support.

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    Yes, as Berserker said you may need to slack up a bit on the timings of the ram to get it to those speeds, if it will do it at all.

    I have been running my cheap pc2700 ram @ 180mhz@2.77v for about a year now with no problems at all.

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    I am running mine with 3.3V, granted its rated for 2.7V and capable of going up to 3,6V according to specs

    but really I think with 2,90V you should be OK and if you are affraid to kill it, just get copper ram cooler and maybe extra air flow over it

    I use copper coolers that came with my ram and have zipped 80mm fan directly over the ram blowing down on them, to keep everything nice and cool

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