Spectra2500 vs. Velocity 4400
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Thread: Spectra2500 vs. Velocity 4400

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    Spectra2500 vs. Velocity 4400

    I really cannot decide between these two cards, so can please someone give me some pros and cons to help me make up my mind....

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    I guess the Spectra is worth the extra bucks. It's probably the best TNT out there, closely followed by Viper 550.

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    Chanse Guest
    I bought the Velocity. I wanted the Spectra, but it is AGP only. For Agp I would go with the Spectra( it has a few cooler features than the others), For PCi the Velocity. I just don't like Diamond. Whatever Chimps they have writing drivers just plain scare me. And if any says to just use the reference drivers, then what's the point of differentiating between the two?

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